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This competition has been launched by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) for the development and delivery of a “visionary idea for a landmark – a sustainable icon representing the East of England to the rest of the world”. The competition stems from research indicating a weak identification with the East of England amongst its residents. The deadline is 18 February 2004 and the first round of judging, to agree a shortlist of twelve, will take place on 24 February.

Manchester International Arts is looking for ideas and proposals from artists, groups and community organisations, to participate in next year’s Garden of Delights from 4-6 June. For a whole weekend a part of Manchester’s Platt Fields Park will be transformed into a Garden of Delights: colourful-tented environments, sculptures, decorations and a continuous programme of outdoor theatre, puppets, dance, music, creative activities and strolling entertainment. This year the theme for installations and so on was ‘Hanging Gardens’ (and over 20 organisations took part, bringing decorations, sculptures and/or performance). That theme is being retained for 2004, with another, ‘Fabulous Beasts’ – mythical, fantastical or zoological.

Decorations and installations may be hung in trees or use woodland, grassy areas and even the lake. MIA is interested in hearing about people’s new ideas, or existing installations or structures that might fit into the Garden. In previous years over 300 promoters, presenters and programmers have attended x. trax (always held before in the city centre) looking for artists, groups and performances. The challenge of x. trax taking place at the Garden of Delights is that it offers opportunities for new areas of work to be developed for touring to festivals – particularly temporary sculptures and outdoor installations, side-shows in booths and tents – as well as street theatre, dance and music.

Developed by the Crafts Council and Arts Council England, North West this three-year pilot scheme has provided unusual opportunities for the 26 makers so far involved. C J O’Neill’s ceramic lighting has been commissioned by Manchester City Art Galleries; Junko Mori’s metalwork has been purchased by two national collections and won awards internationally; electricwig’s unique products including crotchet furniture were included in Contemporary Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s; Louise Jenkins has been inundated with orders for her innovative work combining ceramic and printmaking processes following exhibiting at 100% Design.

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The Powell River campus currently offers a range of career programs such as culinary arts training, as well as first-year university transfer programs and adult basic education programs. People in Powell River want to be able to take advantage of educational opportunities without having to move away,It costs approximately $6,000 per year for a student to live away from home, so today’s announcement makes post-secondary education more affordable for coastal families.

UC will receive funding for 1,100 new student spaces by 2010 as part of Premier Campbell’s commitment to add 25,000 seats to B. C. ’s public post-secondary institutions by 2010. The Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre project is a partnership between the Ministry of Health Services, Fraser Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, the BC Cancer Agency, the Fraser Valley Regional Hospital District, Partnerships BC and Access Health Abbotsford. View More: Enact Conveyancing Brisbane

MASSET – North Coast MLA Bill Belsey joined minister of state for Forestry Operations Roger Harris in inviting the Village of Masset to apply for a community forest agreement, bringing new economic opportunities to the Queen Charlotte Islands region. The community of Masset – and indeed the whole Haida Gwaii region – is known for its inclusive, collaborative approach to decision-making,In creating this community forest opportunity, this government has provided a means of creating a local resource plan that will benefit and reflect the region, its people and its values. A community forest agreement will create employment, support area businesses and enable Masset to work with stakeholders throughout northern Graham Island to create a forestry plan as unique as the community itself.

This is the strength of this form of tenure and the reason why our government is committed to creating new opportunities such as this throughout the province. The Village of Masset has been invited to apply for a probationary community forest agreement, providing about 25,000 cubic metres of timber annually. We look forward to working with the Haida Nation and local stakeholders to bring new employment and greater economic security to the region,What’s more, a secure fibre supply will pave the way for new value-added initiatives, while providing greater stability for existing operations. The probationary agreements are for five years, when they may be extended a further five years or replaced with a long-term 25 to 99-year agreement.

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Prime Minister Jean Chretien invited Duncan to accompany him on the trade mission, along with other provincial and territorial leaders. The delegation will travel to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong on February 9-18, 2001. During the trip, the Premier will be meeting Prime Minister Chretien and International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew to follow-up on recent discussions she had in Ottawa. Learn More: Enact Conveyancing Adelaide

Among the issues I will be discussing with Prime Minister are land claims, devolution, and the Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline project, During the trip Yukon College will be signing three agreements on student recruitment and training in English as a second language. The Federal Government pays the travel costs for the Yukon’s official delegation. Private sector delegates pay their own expenses, but will receive a $4500 contribution from the Yukon government.

The Yukon government has issued a geoscience exploration licence to Anderson Resources Ltd. allowing the company to conduct oil and gas seismic work in Eagle Plain. This activity will provide new jobs and business opportunities for Yukoners and contribute to the strengthening of Yukon’s economy. The seismic program will evaluate the two parcels of land where Anderson was awarded subsurface oil and gas rights in November 1999. Seismic operations are anticipated to begin by mid-February and last until spring break-up.

The cost of the seismic program represents a significant portion of the $20.4 million that Anderson may spend during the initial six-year term of their permits. It is estimated that up to 60 short term jobs will be created for Yukoners including those associated with the seismic work and from related activities such as air support, environmental/wildlife monitoring, equipment operation, trucking, catering and camp accommodation. The training, employment and business opportunities gained from this project will help prepare Yukoners for further oil and gas activities.

Training to provide certification for on-site work has been offered by Anderson in Old Crow and Mayo. The Yukon Oil and Gas Act requires a benefits agreement when planned activity is in excess of $ 1 million in any 12-month period. Anderson is looking forward to commencing its exploration program in the Eagle Plains area this winter, We understand that working in today’s North requires a new kind of partnership between industry and northern communities and we are committed to working with northerners to build this relationship.

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Some participants had however made new contacts and had reinforced existing relationships as a result of the Affordable Warmth workshops. One participant felt that if their strategy were to progress then this type of network needed to be strengthened. Some authorities are formalising the network of organisations who worked together on the Affordable Warmth Strategy. The following are examples of the different ways this has happened.

Luton has also launched a referral network to provide appropriate services to vulnerable members of the community. In Barking and Dagenham the contact group is expanding as more people wish to be involved in the process. The Steering Group has become oversubscribed. Derbyshire Dales plans to produce a Signpost pack to assist front line staff from a range of organisations to refer vulnerable groups to specialist services. New links are also occurring as a result of the strategy. For example Wolverhampton Borough Council has Property conveyancing solicitors  carried out more work with ethnic minority groups as a result of contacts made during the strategy. development process, and has also been contacted by other authorities who are interested in replicating the process. Participants from other organisations have also listed some of the contacts and benefits from their involvement with the Affordable Warmth Strategy.

When asked about any areas left out of the strategies the most frequently quoted areas were the lack of collaboration with health services and to a lesser degree Social Services. Private landlords have also been identified as a future group to be invited to participate in strategy development. Two of the authorities would recommend that others considering embarking on an Affordable Warmth Strategy should first contact an authority with experience of setting up and progressing such a strategy. They should also consider the resources and commitment needed and not underestimate the importance of other parties and the expertise they can bring to the process.

Manchester City Council and Luton Borough Council have attracted funding for energy and affordable warmth initiatives. Having a strategy in place, particularly a formal document, demonstrates to potential funding bodies that a serious programme of work is being undertaken by the authority in partnership with other agencies. One lead officer pointed out that there may be a time delay between beginning to achieve progress on the strategy.

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The association’s current financial forecasts include provision for ongoing investment in the form of major repairs and improvement expenditure. A full stock condition survey was carried out in 1998 and a 10% sample has been independently verified each year since. In addition 20% of the entire stock is surveyed in house each year. Members have an appropriate range of skills and experience which has been strengthened through new recruitment.

In June 2005 the board provided a satisfactory assessment of compliance with the Regulatory Code. However, the quality of this could be further improved by providing references to the association’s action plans for continuous improvement; including appropriate details of outcomes and results. This included recruitment of a project manager to raise awareness and to actively engage tenants, and has resulted in more formalised structures for tenant election to the board. In May 2005 we carried out a desk top review of race equality and found that overall the association.

New equality and diversity targets for 2005/06 were agreed by the board in May 2005 with annual targets to be established by the board each year. Axiom maintains a risk map where perceived business risks are classified and scored on the probability and impact to the association, along with the controls that are or need to be in place to mitigate the risks. The risk map is subject to annual review as part of an integrated business planning approach.

We consider that the association has a satisfactory risk management framework in place. Axiom has an experienced senior management team, who work openly and cooperatively with the Housing Corporation. We carried out an assessment of performance indicators for Axiom for the period to March 2005. Repairs performance is strong and is within the first quartile of national performance in all categories of repair.