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The project also holds workshops once a month on issues such as domestic violence, bullying, dyslexia and autism and ways to help children learn at home. The noticeboard was commissioned by the community forum to provide the latest news and information straight to the high street. Benjamin wrote a poem about Green Street which was displayed as one of the first messages on the sign. He also launched the Green Street Guide, a tourist brochure, at the newly refurbished Green Street Local Service Centre. Green Street is one of the nation’s most multicultural high streets, boasting an array of exotic food and Asian fashion shops.

The guide was produced to encourage visitors to the capital to include a visit to Green Street as part of their itinerary. Green Street is such a vivrant busy area and the forum were keen to get an electronic noticeboard to broadcast useful messages to residents passing by. A new addition to East Ham fire station will help the firefighters spell out the hazards that are endangering their life at home. Every child involved in the programme will also receive a smoke alarm for their own home and be encouraged to carry out safety audits on their own home.

Newham celebrated the appointment of Councillor Patricia Holland as the new Civic Ambassador during the council’s Annual General Meeting. Councillor Holland, who was born and raised in Newham, Enact Conveyancing Brisbane has devoted much of her adult life to the regeneration of the borough. She is the borough’s third Civic Ambassador and takes over the role of Councillor Joy Laguda. Patricia has been councillor for Custom House Ward for seven years. She has previously been involved in campaigns to build London City Airport in Silvertown and bring the Docklands Light Railway to Beckton.

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham and Councillor Lynn Brown, Cabinet member for Culture and Community, joined students from Forest Gate Community School in celebrating a year of achievements at The Gates official first birthday. Since opening, the combined library and council Local Service Centre in Woodgrange Road has welcomed around 300,000 visitors. It has also been highly praised by leading library and architectural organisations, thanks to the innovative design and inspiring environment created by Mansell, who built The Gate and who also sponsored the celebrations and architects, Faulkner Browns. Patients at St Andrew’s Hospital and Newham General Hospital will be able to keep in touch with the outside world using a special set of free postcards.

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The association’s current financial forecasts include provision for ongoing investment in the form of major repairs and improvement expenditure. A full stock condition survey was carried out in 1998 and a 10% sample has been independently verified each year since. In addition 20% of the entire stock is surveyed in house each year. Members have an appropriate range of skills and experience which has been strengthened through new recruitment.

In June 2005 the board provided a satisfactory assessment of compliance with the Regulatory Code. However, the quality of this could be further improved by providing references to the association’s action plans for continuous improvement; including appropriate details of outcomes and results. This included recruitment of a project manager to raise awareness and to actively engage tenants, and has resulted in more formalised structures for tenant election to the board. In May 2005 we carried out a desk top review of race equality and found that overall the association.

New equality and diversity targets for 2005/06 were agreed by the board in May 2005 with annual targets to be established by the board each year. Axiom maintains a risk map where perceived business risks are classified and scored on the probability and impact to the association, along with the controls that are or need to be in place to mitigate the risks. The risk map is subject to annual review as part of an integrated business planning approach.

We consider that the association has a satisfactory risk management framework in place. Axiom has an experienced senior management team, who work openly and cooperatively with the Housing Corporation. We carried out an assessment of performance indicators for Axiom for the period to March 2005. Repairs performance is strong and is within the first quartile of national performance in all categories of repair.